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     The 17th New Energy Vehicle ¡­
     Coming Soon! The 16th New En¡­
     16th New Energy Vehicle Inte¡­
     The 15th New Energy Vehicle ¡­
     The 14th New Energy Vehicle ¡­
     New Date! The 13th New Energ¡­
     The 13th New Energy Vehicle ¡­
The 17th New Energy Vehicle Forum will be grandly held in Shanghai in October
The The 17th New Energy Vehicle Forum 2024, organized by China Star Consulting Company, will be held in Shanghai from October 24th to 25th, 2024, up to 500 industry experts will attend this event.  2024-07-17
Coming Soon! The 16th New Energy Vehicle International Forum and Award Ceremony 2024 (March 25th-26t
Coming Soon! The 16th New Energy Vehicle International Forum and Award Ceremony 2024 (March 25th-26th¦òShanghai China)  2024-03-13
16th New Energy Vehicle International Forum and Award Ceremony 2024
The 16th New Energy Vehicle International Forum and Award Ceremony 2024, organized by China Star Consulting Company, will be held in Shanghai from March 28th to 29th, 2024, up to 800 industry experts will attending.  2023-10-11
The 15th New Energy Vehicle Forum 2023 will be held in Guangzhou in September
The 15th New Energy Vehicle Forum 2023, organized by ChinaStar Consulting Company, will be held in Guangzhou from September 7th to 8th, with over 500 industry experts attending. BMW, Mercedes Benz, BYD, SVOLT etc. have confirmed their speeches.  2023-07-01
The 14th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2023 will be held in Shanghai in March
The 14th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2023 will be held in Shanghai in March  2023-02-28
New Date! The 13th New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum 2022 will be held in Shanghai from November 2
New Date! The 13th New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum 2022 will be held in Shanghai from November 29 to 30!  2022-09-26
The 13th New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum 2022 will be held in Shenzhen in November
The 13th New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum 2022 will be held in Shenzhen in November  2022-05-23
The 12th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2022 will be postponed to August in Shanghai
The 12th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2022 will be postponed to August in Shanghai  2022-05-23
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