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     16th New Energy Vehicle Inte¡­
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     The 14th New Energy Vehicle ¡­
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     The 13th New Energy Vehicle ¡­
     The 12th New Energy Vehicle ¡­

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¡¾ChinaStar¡¿9th NEV Intl Forum 2020
¡¾ChinaStar¡¿10th NEV 2021 ¡¾ChinaStar¡¿11th NEV Tech 2021

¡¾ChinaStar¡¿13th NEVtech 2022
¡¾ChinaStar¡¿14th NEV 2023
¡¾ChinaStar¡¿15th NEV Forum 2023

2024 Power Battery Industry Development Forum
¡¾ChinaStar¡¿16th NEV Forum 2024

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