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5th NEV International 2018

5th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2018

The 5th New Energy Vehicle International Forum held by CHINASTAR Consulting Ltd. was grandly convened at The Longemont Shanghai hotel on March 27 and June 28, 2018. The Forum was greatly sponsored by Society of Automotive Engineers of Jiangsu, Hubei Machinery Industry Association and Jilin Association of Automobile Manufacturers. During the Forum, there were 37 Chinese and foreign authoritative guests conducting a two-day constructive and creative discussion on new energy vehicle policy, market tendency, battery, motor and electric control technology, charging technology and construction of charging facilities, new energy vehicle lightweight, auto-driving vehicle technology, prospective technology in new energy vehicle field. During the Forum, there were successive highlighted contents, warm on-site atmosphere and guests with immense interest, which attracted more than 350 industry experts present.

New Energy Vehicle International Forum has attracted broad attention in the industry since its establishment. Its growth and brilliance are closely related to the powerful support of each party, for which we would like to appreciate the support and attendance of the sponsoring institutions, all the distinguished guests, sponsors and medias of this Forum.

Group photos of some distinguished guests and on-site photos


During the two-day Forum, each guest successively delivered excellent reports and lectures.
1. National Policy and Market Analysis
The industry experts still attach much importance to relevant policy and market analysis. Mr. Liu Shaohui the technical director of Energy Saving Research Department of CATARCspecifically interpreted the new energy vehicle policy and market issue with the most concern in the industry above all, focused on the recently-published national policy and discussed the subsidy and integral policy, market status and development prospects.
Liu Shaohui, Energy Conservation Research Technical Director, CATARC

2. Development Strategies of Completed Vehicle Manufacturers
Meanwhile, all the leaders of major vehicle enterprises in the Forum are present.Zhang Dong the director of New Energy Vehicle Planning and Electric Vehicle Platform of SAIC Motor, Xu Zhanlin the director of New Energy Vehicle Product Research and Development Department of Zhengzhou Nissan, and Xu Weiyu from DENZAdelivered lectures on their own company’s development strategies and the most up-to-date technology.
Mr. Zhandong from SAIC delivered the excellent lecture, Industry Environment and Countermeasure Thoughts of New Energy Vehicle.
Mr. Xu Zhanlin from Zhengzhou Nissan delivered the lecture, Development Trend of Pure Electric Pickup Truck in Post-subsidy Era.

3. Battery, Motor and Electric Control Technology
In addition, the 5th New Energy Vehicle International Forum also attracted a number of Chinese and foreign authoritative experts on battery, motor and electric control technology to discuss the most up-to-date research achievements in battery, motor and electric control technology together. ZD, Johnson Controls, DunAn Automotive Thermal Management Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong SINOBILE, ETRUST (Jiangsu) Power Technology Co., Ltd., JOYSON ELECTRONICS, Shenzhen PRECISE Testing, BorgWarner, Shanghai Lankelec, Valeo Siemens, UAES, HUAYU Auto and companies alike sharedthe most up-to-date research achievements in battery, motor and electric control technology and provided a great deal of achievement analysis on the development of new energy vehicle industry.
Yin Xianglin, ZD Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Technical director, DunAn Vehicle Thermal Management Technology Co., Ltd.
Director of Research Institute, eTrust Power & Expert Committee Member of CIAPS

Zhu Chuangao, Product Manager, Ningbo Preh Joyson Automotive Electronics Co.Ltd
Zhu Jing, Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Precise Testing technology Co.,Ltd

Scott Zhang, Engineering Director, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems Wuhan
Zhu Shiping, Valeo Siemens 
Liu Qiang, Director of Power Electronics Business, UAES
Cao Hongfei, Chief Engineer, Huayu Automotive Electric System CO., LTD

4、Charging Technology and Infrastructure Construction


Senior Engineer, Standards & Regulation Manager, China Low Voltage Division, Siemens (China) Co., Ltd 
Founder of EV Charger & Senior Product Manager, NavInfo 
Wang Lei, Senior vice president, Wanbang New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd
Ni Feng, Deputy Director of International Department, NARI Group

5、Lightweight of New Energy Vehicle
Energy saving and emission reduction is why China positively promotes new energy vehicle and new energy vehicle can develop. However, to realize energy saving and emission reduction, apart from electrification as the main stream, vehicle lightweight is also a vital important link. Therefore, in this Forum, there invited the vehicle enterprises, such as HUACHEN Auto, CHERY NE, Dassault Systèmes and VAMA & GONVVAMA, and relevant enterprise experts to share their most up-to-date technology progress in lightweight.
Tian Jiaping, Director of Quality &Project Management Office, Brilliance Auto
JIA Anxiang, S51EV Project Director and Director of Project Management, Chery New Energy Vehicles Technology Co., Ltd
Senior Automotive Business Consultant, Dassault Systemes
Jurgen Cobbaut, CMO, VAMA

6、Innovation of Core Technology
the most important word in new energy vehicle industry is new. Only by continuously innovating can the industry develop faster and longer. Only by continuously innovating the core technology can the enterprise rank top in the industry and promote the endless progress of new energy vehicle industry. The industry experts from Shanghai megalinkware, DONGFENG HanLan, CORUN and so on also shared their newest progress and technology in intelligent manufacturing, completed vehicle design of electric vehicles and hybrid power technology.
Marketing Director, Shanghai Megalink Software Technology Co., Ltd
Gao Youyin, President, Dongfeng Hanlan New Energy Auto Design Institute
Chen WANG, Manager of System Control Department, Corun CHS Technology Co., Ltd.

7、1st Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Seminar
Based on the 5th New Energy Vehicle International Forum, the organizing committee held the1st Technical Seminar on Intelligent Connected Vehicle 2018. As intelligent connection and pilotless driving are the future developing directions and inevitable trends, many distinguished guests took great interest in this topic.

During this link, companies, such asJIANGLING Motors, SINGULATO, Alibaba Group, Argonne National Laboratory, Horizon Robotics, Tongji University, mobileye, ZONGMU Tech and Shenzhen MINIEYE,shared their technology progress in perspectives, such as car camera, radar, AI, vehicle Internet and map of intelligent connected vehicle and led us into the emerging intelligent field.
GU Xiaofeng, Product Director for Autonomous Driving, Alibaba Group AMAP
Wang Aichun, Director of Electronic and Electrical Technology, Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC)
Ji Shen, Co-Founder & head of intelligent applications and car networking, SINGULATO MOTORS
Aymeric Rousseau, Manager-Systems Modeling & Control, Argonne National Laboratory

As the popularity of new energy vehicle and approaching of pilotless driving, the mastery of the most advanced information and technology means the leading position in the development of new energy vehicle and pilotless driving industry. CHINASTAR Consulting Ltd. is expecting the infinite possibility and brilliance in the future with you.

China Star Consulting Company

SAE-JS, Hubei Machinery Industry Federation, JiLin Association of Automobile Manufacturers

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