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6th NEV Technology Forum 2018

6th New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum 2018

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The 6th New Energy Technology Forum 2018 held by CHINASTAR Consulting Ltd. was grandly convened at Kunshan Huaqiao Mercure Hotel on September 6 and September 7. The Forum was greatly sponsored by Society of Automotive Engineers of Jiangsu, Hubei Machinery Industry Association and Jilin Association of Automobile Manufacturers. During the Forum, there were over 20 Chinese and foreign authoritative guests conducting a two-day constructive and creative discussion on new energy vehicle policy, market tendency, battery, motor and electric control technology, power assembly of new energy vehicle, hybrid power technology, charging technology and prospective technology in new energy vehicle field. During the Forum, there were successive highlighted contents, warm on-site atmosphere and guests with immense interest.

 During the two-day Forum, we listened to the wonderful lectures of a number of distinguished guests who are the senior managers from BAIC Motor, CHERY, Zhengzhou Nissan, SINGULATO, GEELY, Changjiang EV, ZD, LinkTour, HORIBA MIRA Ltd, AVL, Protean Electric, HUAYU AUTO, UAES, SUNGROW, Maxwell, Easelink, Shanghai JinShen, UL, BRUNP, WANBANG NE, CATARC, SMVIC, Yano Research Institute Ltd. and companies alike.
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“The 7th New Energy Vehicle International Forum” will be held in Shanghai during March 28 and March 29, 2019. You are welcomed to the Forum by then.
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