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9th New Energy Vehicle Intl Forum 2020

The 9th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2020 had been Successfully Concluded

The 9th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2020, organized by China Star Consulting Company, was held on August 27th-28th at Grand Madison Hotel (Kunshan Anting Motor City) has come to a satisfactory close. During the conference, a total of more than 30 authoritative guests at home and abroad conducted a two-day constructive and creative discussion on NEV Government Policy and OEM’s Electrification Status, market trends, batteries, electric motors and controller technology, new energy vehicle powertrain, Power Battery Technology and Battery Thermal Management, Core Technology Innovation, Charging Infrastructure Construction and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology. The conference brought many bright spots, the atmosphere was unusually warm, and all the guests enjoyed it.

The organization of The 9th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2020 has been widely concerned in the industry, and its growth and glory are inseparable from the strong support of all parties, so we would like to highly thank all the participants, sponsors and media friends for their support and participation.

The following are some live photos:

Some speakers gave a wonderful reports and speeches during the two-day conference.

Director Assistant of Automotive Data of China Co., Ltd., CATARC

Speech Topic: Trend and impact analysis of new energy passenger and commercial vehicle credit policy

General Manager of National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center

Speech Topic: Technology development trend and innovation ecological construction of new energy vehicle in China

Industry Technical Consultant of Dassault Systèmes


Vice president of New Energy Vehicle Development Institute, FAW Group

Speech Topic: FAW New Energy Technology Route Development and Electric Vehicle Safety Practice

Senior Vice President of YUDO New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.

Speech Topic: Innovation and Development of New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain in the Reform Period

Technical Director of JAC New Energy Passenger Car Company

Speech Topic: Cellular battery: safety solution for high performance electric vehicle

China & Southeast Asia General Manager of Tech

Speech Topic: Tech Auto Tire Sealant & Tire Repair Technology Helps New Energy Vehicle Lightweight

Director of Power Battery Development Department, Lishen Battery

Speech Topic: Technical analysis of long life power battery

CTO & Chairman Assistant of Shenzhen Bak Power Battery Co., Ltd.

Speech Topic: Cylindrical Battery Technology with High Specific Energy and High Safety

Principal Engineer of Battery Engineering Department, BAIC BJEV Engineering Research Institute

Speech Topic: Research on battery thermal management control strategy based on one dimensional simulation

Product Manager of Battery Sub-systems Asia, Gentherm

Speech Topic: Gentherm Battery Thermal Management and Cell Connecting Technologies

Manager of Single Technology Engineering Department of Henan Lithium Power Source Co. Ltd.

Speech Topic: Safety responsibility of vehicle lithium ion battery and power supply system

Chief Engineer of Microvast

Speech Topic: Challenge and opportunity of high energy density to battery

Motor Control Expert of Xpeng Motors

Speech Topic: Advanced motor control technology and vehicle application


Head of R&D Asia and Member of the BU Management Team, GF Casting Solutions

Speech Topic: Light Weight Casting Parts for NEV Applications

Chairman of Suzhou DSM Green Power Co., Ltd.

Speech Topic: Review of extended range electric vehicle technology

Manager of Mechanical Capability and Application Department, XPT

Speech Topic: Appropriate EDS for Auxiliary Drive

Chief Expert on Hybrid Power, National New Energy Vehicle Technology Innovation Center & National Distinguished Expert

Speech Topic: Single-motor and 12-speed NeTC hybrid transmission

Researcher & Doctoral Supervisor of Institute Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Speech Topic: SiC Device and Motor Drive in EV Application

Senior Analyst of IHS Markit

Speech Topic: China’s NEV policy and an update on its effects

System And EMC Expert of SERES

Speech Topic: Application of Simulation in the Design of New Energy Vehicles’ Power Battery, Electric Motor and Electric Control System

Technical Expert on Grinding Application of 3M China

Speech Topic: 3M Abrasive Total Solution in Automotive

Engineering Director, Asia Pacific, Electrification & Electronics, Delphi Technologies

Speech Topic: High power density power electronic components for hybrid / electric vehicle applications

Marketing Manager of Industrial Power Control Department in the Greater China Region, Infineon

Speech Topic: System Cost Control Of Motor Driver For Commercial Electric Vehicle

Deputy General Manager of APG-ELAPHE Power Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Asia-pacific Mechanical & Electronic Co., Ltd.

Speech Topic: In-wheel Key Features, Benefits and Market Opportunities

Vice President of TELD

Speech Topic: Smart charging network is the largest application scenario of industrial Internet

Senior Vice President of Wanbang New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd./Star Charge

Speech Topic: Thinking and reform of charging new scene

Deputy General Manager of Operations Center, Aulton

Speech Topic: Aulton New Energy—Opens The Curtain Of Power Exchange 2.0 Era

General Manager of the Product Technology Department, China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd.

Speech Topic: Promoting Transportation And Energy Revolution With New Infrastructure

Operation Director of  Engineering Application BD, Sunrise Power Co., Ltd.

Speech Topic: Industrialization development and practice of vehicle fuel cell technology

China Sales Director of Ballard

Speech Topic: Prospect of wide application of hydrogen energy

VEH Product Group Director of Ricardo Shanghai

Speech Topic: Fuel Cell - Sustainable Cleaning Solution For Long Distance Commercial Vehicles

Thanks again to the sponsors for their support of this event:

GF Casting SolutionsKUS GroupDassault SystèmesSERESEXTEQSuzhou DSM Green Power3MXPTGentherm.

The 10th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2021 will be held in Shanghai from March 25th to 26th, 2021. Looking forward to your participation.

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