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The 15th New Energy Vehicle Forum 2023 had been Successfully Concluded
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The 15th New Energy Vehicle Forum 2023 had been Successfully Concluded

The 15th New Energy Vehicle Forum 2023, organized by China Star Consulting Companywas held on September 7th-8th at Guangzhou has come to a satisfactory close. During this event, a total of 31 speakers at home and abroad conducted a two-day constructive and creative discussion on power battery technology, electric drive technology, hybrid technology etc. The event brought many bright spots, the atmosphere was unusually warm, and all the guests enjoyed it.

The following are some live photos:

31 speakers made wonderful reports and speeches during the two-day conference.

Senior Manager, Powertrain Development, BMW China

Speech Topic: BMW iX5 HYDRAGEN Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle and Future Hydrogen Storage Solutions

Director of Motor Control, Electric Drive Business Department, SAIC MOTOR R&D INNOVATION HEADQUARTERS

Speech Topic: Key technologies on the 800 v drive system strategy


Speech Topic: Smart Digital Cell Solution

Consulting Director, High end Manufacturing Division, Patsnap Information and Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Speech Topic: Innovative Development Trends in the New Energy Vehicle Industry

Deputy Director of Marketing, JULI Automation

Speech Topic: Stable and efficient solution for large-scale production of flat wire motors

Senior Manager of Mechanical Transmission, Guangzhou XPeng Automotive Technology Co., Ltd

Speech Topic: Key Technologies of 800V Electric Drive System

Director of Battery Simulation and Verification Department, LEAPMOTOR

Speech Topic: Technical and performance development requirements for power battery systems

Vice President, Guangzhou Greater Bay Technology CO.,LTD

Speech Topic: Application Practice of XFC(eXtreme Fast Charging) Battery Technology

Senior R&D Personnel, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals CO.,LTD

Speech Topic: Application of Detachable Polyurethane Adhesive on Power Batteries

Product Manager for Start Stop Operations, COSMX

Speech Topic: COSMX soft-pack and high-power battery technology solutions

General Manager Assistant, China Automotive Battery Research Institute Co., Ltd

Speech Topic: Application of Computational Simulation Technology in the Full Life Cycle of Lithium Ion Power Batteries

Senior Director of R&D Institute, FAW Group

Speech Topic: Development and Industrialization Exploration of FAW Hybrid Special Transmission

Technical Center - Deputy Chief Engineer for Hybrid Systems, GWM

Speech Topic: GWM's new Hi4 intelligent four-wheel drive hybrid technology


Speech Topic: Innovative design of a four speed series parallel hybrid transmission

Director of Technology and Innovation Department, Vitesco Technologies Holding China

Speech Topic: 800V Key Electric Drive Technology

Deputy Director of R&D Center, Intelligent Power System Co., Ltd

Speech Topic: Focusing on customer needs and assisting in the leap of new energy

President of the Research Institute, JEVE

Speech Topic: Opportunities and challenges for the development of soft pack power batteries

Director of Cell Product Development, Soundon New Energy

Speech Topic: Effect of particle size and electrode structure of ternary materials on the performance of lithium-ion batteries

Assistant Research Fellow, School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University

Speech Topic: Safety prevention and control technology for lithium-ion batteries

Battery Safety Expert, Microvast

Speech Topic: The influence of different series parallel connections on thermal runaway

Product Director, GREAT POWER

Speech Topic: Progress in Power Battery Technology

Automotive Team Director, Roland Berger

Speech Topic: Global Power Battery Market and Technology Development Trends

Chief Engineer, New Energy and Powertrain Dept, DFMC Technical Centre

Speech Topic: Roadmap of Mach new energy system technology

Dean of General Technology Research Institute, SANY

Speech Topic: Thinking and Practice on the Development of Sany Commercial Vehicle and Engineering Machinery Electrification and Intelligence


Speech Topic: eTC multi-speed commercial vehicle hybrid transmission

Project Director, Shanghai EVK E-Motor Technology Co., Ltd

Speech Topic: Technology and cost control implementation method of flat wire motor

Director of Automotive Parts Battery PACK Department, Synland

Speech Topic: Innovative integration of power domain control

Head of Power Battery Department, NEVC

Speech Topic: Introduction to the Status of New Energy Power Batteries

CTO, Ampowere

Speech Topic: Super fast charging technology and safety

Business Development Director, Protean Electric (Tianjin) Co., Ltd

Speech Topic: EDU Enables Differentiated Architecture—In-wheel-motor application progress

CAE&MD Skill Team Leader, List Technical Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Speech Topic: Development and prospect of new generation electric drive system

Thanks again to the sponsors for their supports:

Misumi, Patsnap, Dukosi, JULI Automation, Hangzhou Zhijiang Silicone Chemicals, PN Junction Semiconductor, FITOW, ETO GRUPPE, iwis, TAI-I COPPER, Simplewell, Nockten, VIOOVI, HERO MAGNETICS.

The 16th New Energy Vehicle International Forum and Award Ceremony 2024 will be held in Shanghaion March 28th-29th, 2024. Looking forward to your participation.

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