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The 7th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2019 Has Come to A Successful Close
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[Chinese Scholars Gathering] The 7th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2019 

Has Come to A Successful Close 

“The 7th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2019” organized by China Star Consulting (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was held with great ceremony at Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting from March 28 to 29. The forum had the substantial support from Society of Automotive Engineers of Jiangsu, Hubei Machinery Industry Federation and Jilin Association of Automobile Manufacturers. During the forum, more than 20 authoritative guests at home and abroad held constructive and creative discussions for two days on new energy vehicle policies, market trends, batteries, electric motors, electronic control technology, new energy vehicle powertrain, hybrid technology, charging technology and forward-looking technologies in the field of new energy vehicles. Brilliant ideas of the topic emerged one after another, and the guests were full of interest in a warm atmosphere.

Conference Agenda:

Day One- March 28th
NEV Government Policy, Market Prospects and OEMs’ Electrification Status &Technologies
09:00 Current Situation and Development Trend of New Energy Vehicle Industry
Deputy Secretary General, China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance 
09:40 Intelligent EV Technology Roadmap and Leading Edge Product Development and Manufacturing
CTO, SF Motors
10:10 Looking at Electric Vehicle from the Development Trend of High Power Charging
Vice President, R&D Dept., DENZA
10:40 Coffee Break & Speakers’ Group Photo
11:10 Safety Consideration and Testing Problem in New Energy Vehicle Development
Chief Engineer, Lifan New Energy
11:40 Reflections on the Development of Fuel Cell Buses
Vice Dean of Shenzhen Skywell Research Institute, Skywell New Energy Auto Group
1210 Luncheon
Power Battery Technologies, Range Extender& Intelligent manufacturing
14:00 Intelligent Extended Range Power System Technology
Chairman and Founder, Suzhou DSM Green Power Co .Ltd
14:30 Construction of Power Battery Performance Optimization and Verification System with Safety as the Core
Senior Manager of Battery Engineering Department, BAIC BJEV
15:00 Application of Machine Vision in New Energy Vehicle Field
New Energy Industrial Director, Shanghai Betterway Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Failure mechanism and safety risk of lithium ion batteries
Department Director, LINKTOUR
16:30 Safety and Hazard Simulation of Battery Pack
Battery Product Manager, Electrification, AVL
17:00 End of Day One Conference
17:30-19:00 Cocktail Party
Day Two- March 29th
09:00 Motor Control Technology of High Performance Electric Drive System
Motor Control Expert, Xiaopeng Motors
09:30 Development Trend and Integrated Design of Electric Driving Technology
E-Drive& Charging Director, AIWAYS Automotive (Shanghai) Co. , Ltd
10:00 Electrical System Interconnection Service for Future Electric Travel
Senior Manager of Electrification System Innovation, UAES
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Technical Trend and Applications of Stator Winding For Automotive PMSM
Technical Project Lead, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems
11:30 Key Technology and Requirements of IGBT Module in Electric Commercial Vehicle
Senior Manager-Industrial Power Control, Infineon
12:00 In-wheel benefits: Vehicle system
General Manager, APG-Elaphe
12:30 Luncheon
14:00 Technical Route Analysis of New Energy Commercial Vehicle Power System
Standing Vice President of Academia Sinica, Suzhou LVKON Drive Technology Co., Ltd
14:30 Driving Motor Testing Technology and Research
Director of Electrical Office, National Coach Quality Supervision & Testing Centre
New Energy Vehicles Center
Charging Technology and Infrastructure, Thermal Management Technology
15:00 Conformance and Interoperability tests for better customer experience of EVs
Senior Manager EV/HEV, IDIADA
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 TGOOD: Let Charging Network Support the Development of Electric Vehicles
Brand Director, TGOOD & General Manager of Brand, Teld
16:30 Thermal Management System Integration and Multi Temperature Cooling Circuits for HEV
Senior Thermal Systems Engineer, Ricardo
17:00 End of Day Two Conference
 “The 7th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2019” has been widely concerned in the industry since it was determined to be held. It can’t become such success without the help of all parties. In this regard, we would like to especially thanks to the related organizations, all the guests, sponsors and media friends for their support and participation.
Here are some highlights from the scene of forum

The 8th New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum 2019 will be held in Shanghai from September 5 to 6 in 2019. Your participation is highly appreciated.
Registration Consultation: Ms. Mo 0755-23300049

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