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The 7th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2019 will be taking place on March 28th-29th in Shang
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7TH NEV International 2019

Our Vision:
We aim to create an influential and forward-looking platform for the global participants with the emerging of China’s new energy vehicle industry.

The 7th New Energy Vehicle International Forum 2019 is the most influential and authoritative forum in China, even the global new energy vehicle field.

We will provide the forum sponsors with comprehensive contact and a great number of communication opportunities with government institutions, completed vehicle manufacturers, manufacturers of batteries, motors and electric controls, manufacturers of core components and investment companies. Meanwhile, our company will also customize a whole set of attendance and publicity programs combined with actual requirements of sponsors. (→click to enter the conference homepage)

You Cannot Afford Miss:

Hot Topics:

● 2 Days of Content-Rich Sessions &Case Studies

 Government Policies, Market Analysis

● 30+ Esteemed and Professional Speakers

 OEMs Electrification Strategies and Technologies

● 350+ attendees from 15+ Countries

 Battery, Motor, Electronic Control Technologies

● 100+ OEM professionals

 New Energy Vehicle Powertrain Technologies

 48V, Hybrid Power Technology

 Charging Technologies and Charging Facilities Construction

 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

2019 Esteemed Speakers




Wang Zidong

Deputy Secretary General

China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance

Zhou Zhiguang

Director of Hybrid Power R&D


Wang Fei

Head of Motor Control

Xiaopeng Motors

Zhao Zhongmin

Deputy Chief Engineer


Piao Changhao

Deputy Chief Engineer


Ai Fengjie

Vice President, R&D Dept.


Ning Xingjiang

Director of Electrical Driving and Charging


Li Yanliang


BAIC Motor

LIU Ying

Senior Manager of Battery Technology Department

SF Motors

Zhan Junjie

Director of new energy center & Chief Engineer

Lifan Group Corporation

Zeng Xiangbing

Minister of Battery Technology

Chery New Energy

Wang Hongmei

Chief Engineer of Power Battery System

ZD Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd

Deng Libo

Director of Battery Systems Department


Quan Songhua

Deputy Director of Technology Center


Scott Zhang

Technical Project Lead

BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems

Ma Yong

Senior Manager of Electrification System Innovation


Chen Ziying

Senior Manager


Li Hongzhi

Vice President of Central Academy of Research


Zhang Hailin

Deputy General Manager of Battery Department and Dean of Battery Research Institute


Cedric Rouaud

Global Technical Expert - Thermal Systems



Product Manager EV/HEV, Powertrain

Applus IDIADA Group

Blaž Štefe

General Manager

APG-Elaphe Propulsion Technologies

Guo Ru

Technical Sales Support of NEV dept.


Zhao Jian

General Manager of Brand


Ju Qiang

Big Data Scientist


Part of the Confirmed Presentation Topics

Wang ZidongDeputy Secretary General, China Automotive Power Battery Industry Innovation Alliance

Expert of Evaluation Team of New Energy Vehicle Admission Project of the MIIT and NDRC

& Expert of Electric Vehicle Project in the Twelfth Five Year Plan Period in the 863 Program of MOST

——Topic: Current Situation and Development Trend of New Energy Automobile Industry

Wang Fei, Head of Motor Control, Xiaopeng Motors

——Topic: Motor Control Technology for High Performance Electric Drive System

Zhang Hailin, Deputy General Manager of Battery Department and Dean of Battery Research Institute, CENAT

——Topic: The Development Directions of Ternary Soft-Pack Power Battery

LIU Ying, Senior Manager of Battery Technology Department, SF Motors

——Topic: Development of Cell Technology for Higher Performance Electric Vehicle

The electrification of global transport industry is proposing increasingly higher requirements towards security, endurance time and mileage, driving power and fast charging performance of new energy vehicle. In order to satisfy the continuously increasing demands of new energy vehicle, we have been devoted to developing the battery with high specific energy and specific power that are outstanding in security performance. While we are concentrating on the development of cylindrical cell 21700 with the latest technology, we are also probing into the application of all-solid-state lithium-ion battery with great security performance and high specific energy in new energy vehicle. The advanced cell development plays a critical role in our efforts to developing new energy vehicle.

Piao Changhao, Deputy Chief Engineer, Singulato

——Topic: Key technologies for efficient and safe management of power batteries

Wang Hongmei, Chief Engineer for Power Battery System, ZD / ZHIDOU Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.

——Topic: Development difficulties and trends of electric vehicles’ power battery systems

Deng Libo, Director of Battery Systems Department, LINKTOUR

——Topic: Pack design of power lithium battery

Ning Xingjiang, Director of Electrical Driving and Charging, AIWAYS AUTO

——Topic: Development Trend and Integrated Design of Electric Driving Technology

Ma Yong, Senior Manager of Electrification System Innovation, UAES

——Topic: Interconnection Service of Electrification System Targeting at Electric Travel in the Future

l  The electrification tendency is narrowing the differences among vehicle power systems while the deep integration of electrification and interconnection can present new differences and selling points.

l  Interconnection service derived from data based on electrification system and core components can improve the completed vehicle competitiveness from multiple perspectives in full vehicle life cycle, such as energy-saving, security, reliability and fun.

l  Interconnection services based on electrification system and components are introduced by giving examples from different aspects.

Chen Ziying, Senior Manager, Infineon

——Topic: Key Technology and Requirements of IGBT Module in Electric Commercial Vehicle

l  Definition of CAV electric commercial vehicle

l  Requirements of CAV Application

l  Standard IGBT Systems, JEDEC, IEC, AEC, AQC324

l  Electric Characteristics of Series EconoDUAL™3 A

l  Series EconoDUAL™3 A designed according to AQC324 Industrial Standard

Conference Structure

Day 1(March 28th)


 Government Planning and Market Prospects


 Battery, Motor and Electric Control Technologies

Day 2(March 29th)


 Battery, Motor, Electric Control Technologies and NEV Powertrain


 Charging Technology and Infrastructure

 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle & Core Technology Innovation


China Star Consulting Company


SAE-JS, Hubei Machinery Industry Federation, JiLin Association of Automobile Manufacturers

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【Next】Vehicle Lightweight International Forum will be taking place on June 27th-28th in Shanghai China  [2019.02.01]
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