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The development of new energy vehicles in China is in the forefront of the world. According to reports, in 2016, China's new energy vehicles sold more than 500 thousand vehicles, the growth rate of more than 50% over the same period, the new energy vehicle sales in automobile sales accounted for1.8%, retain nearly 1 million vehicles. China's annual sales of new energy vehicles account for more than 40% of the world's total, and the total amount of China's new energy vehicles is also ahead of the world level.

However, new energy vehicles has been to maintain rapid growth, promote directly benefited from the policy, and now the new energy vehicles in the traditional car proportion is still very small. For consumers, the push for new energy vehicles Canton is still short mileage, charging difficult, security problems and other issues need to be overcome, the new energy vehicles to promote the overall need time.

Based on this, the new energy automobile 2018 international forum to help the commercialization of new energy vehicles development "as the theme, aims to create a Chinese along with the development of new energy automotive industry as a global player of new energy vehicles The most influential and forward-looking platform for industrial exchange. The conference will be held in Shanghai on March 27th -28. Will be gathered in the participating countries, political, industrial, scientific and technological circles and social leaders, well-known entrepreneurs,Scholars, professors, technical personnel in a display of the latest world of pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and fuel cell vehicles and other new energy vehicles, smart cars, car parts, car batteries, motors, electronic control technology Development and results. Jointly explore the future trends of new energy vehicles, exchange enterprise development strategy, national policy guidance and supporting infrastructure construction, etc., and for the new energy automotive industry economic and technical cooperation and Exchange build platform. With the joint efforts of the participants, the conference will become a grand gathering of the new energy automotive industry.