2 Days Content-Rich Sessions

50+ Esteemed Speakers

☞ 700+ attendees from 15+ Countries

200+ OEM participants

☞ 12+ NEV forum has been successfully held


National Policy and Market Analysis
OEMs’ Electrification Status and Technologies
The development strategy of OEMs on BEV/PHEV/MHEV/ FCV technology route
Battery, Motor, Electronic Control Technologies
Solid state battery technology
Power battery pack Technology
Thermal management of power battery
Battery cell technology
Electric drive and powertrain of new energy vehicle
Development and application of drive bridge technology
Development plan, technical route and scheme of hybrid vehicle
Hydrogen fuel cell technology
Infrastructure Construction and Charging Technology

Key Component Manufacturers
Battery, Motor And Electrical Control Suppliers
Powertrain Manufacturer
Supplier Of Test, Measurement And Inspection Scheme
Battery Materials, Magnetic Materials
Automotive Electronics And Semiconductor Suppliers
Infrastructure / Wireless Charging Technology
Intelligent Equipment Enterprises
Software Design Company
Investors, Consultants, Industrial Park
BMS, Thermal Management Solution Supplier
Automotive Manufacturing And Service Providers

DAY 1 (August 18th)


Main forum: OEMs’ Electrification Status and Technologies



Sub Forum 1: Power Battery
Sub Forum 2:Motor, Electric Control and Drive System Integration

DAY 2 (August 19th)


Sub Forum 1: Power Battery, BMS and Thermal Management
Sub Forum 2: Motor, Electric Control and NEV Powertrain


Sub Forum 1: New Type Battery Technology
Sub Forum 2: Motor, Electric Control and NEV Powertrain


3rd Automotive Lightweight Intl Forum 2023

June 28th-29th|Shanghai China